Ruth Kander

In 2005 sick leave cost the UK economy £13 billion and 164 million days were lost as a result. The importance of maintaining healthy staff has never been of such paramount importance for the function of your company. The rising epidemic of obesity has reached high limits and it is estimated that 24 million adults are overweight or obese. This has lead to an increase in health risks such as premature death, high blood pressure, heart disease and type II diabetes. Consult with me and let me get your staff back on track and help keep them healthy so they can provide you with their best performance.

One to one consultations

Consultations are held at 29 Fleet Street (The Fleet Street Clinic) or at your office location. Consultations last one hour
The consultation will;

  • Determine your ideal weight for height/build
  • Assess your health and lifestyle
  • Assess the nutritional adequacy of your daily diet
  • Advise on the best dietary pattern to suit your individual requirements
  • Answer any questions you may having relating to diet and nutrition
  • Schedule follow up plans

Online dietary advice

Advice on all your nutritional and dietary needs without moving from your computer! A questionnaire regarding your health and dietary patterns will be required. Available upon request


Give your employees some nutritional health sessions with my informative and practical lecture.

  • General healthy eating what’s all the fuss?
  • How do I lose weight? The healthy eating answer 
  • Healthy eating in pregnancy 
  • Healthy eating at work is that really possible? 
  • All about cholesterol and heart disease
  • The maze of popular weight loss diets
  • What are vitamins and minerals? The big Q
  • Nutrition and irritable bowel syndrome 
  • Other topics available on request

Newsletters/website information/leaflets

I can design and write written material on nutrition and health for your employees.